How to configure face capture on NVR 5.0

1. Face capture and recognition

1) Engine switch to face recognition

Open “Smart Setting”——“Algorithm Configuration”——“Algorithm Management”——“Target Recognition”, and then enter Event Center, Configure rule box, arming schedule and linkage method.

After configuring the alarm rules, you can view real-time alarms on the following page.

After selecting the alarm pop-up, it will display a pop-up after triggering the alarm, if not, please check alarm linkage method and enable “alarm pop-up window”.

2) Configure Face Picture Comparison.

Compare and analyze the captured face picture and the picture in the face database to determine the similarity between the two pictures.

a. Open “Smart Setting”—— “Data Archive”——“list library”,configure face Library and double click to enter the face library, upload face pictures.

b. Open “Event Center”——“Event Configuration”——“Target Event”——“Face Picture Comparison”, configure arming schedule, linkage method and linkage face database.

Note: Enable Non-Real-Time Target Comparison means that no comparison is made at present, and the comparison analysis will be made when the device engine resources are sufficient.

2. Video Struturalization

1) Configure Engine

Log in to the web,open “Smart Setting”——“Algorithm Configuration”——“Algorithm Management”—— “Video Structuratiralization”

2) Configure Rule

Open “Event Center”——“Event Configuration”——“Target Event”——“Multi-Target-Type Detection”,select “AI by NVR”(It means using NVR's analytical ability), configure rule box, arming schedule and linkage method.