An unused device is taking up a license in HikCentral, how do I free up the license?


You need to delete the device from the area to free up the license.

  1. Log into the HikCentral web client
  2. Menu (top left) > Resource management > Area
  3. Select the area the device is under (in the screenshot below, the device is under 'Access Controller')
  4. Select which resource it is on the top of the screen (is the device a camera? door?)
  5. Check on the box next to the device you want to delete, then click on the trash can icon on the top to delete the device

** Note: After deleting the device from area, the license should have freed up. You can then check the licenses in HikCentral to confirm (top right, Maintenance and Management > License details)

** Screenshots taken from HikCentral V2.2.1