How do i enable / disable pop-up alerts in IVMS-4200?


Follow the process below once logged into the IVMS-4200:

  • In the "Main View"click on the "Enable Alarm Pop-Up Image". 

  • To disable it, click that same button again. 

Alternatively, this can also be done through the the IVMS-4200 "Event Center"

  • Click on the "Home" button in the upper left corner of the IVMS-4200.
  • Then click on "Event Center" located under "General Application"

  • In "Event Center". Click on "Enable Alarm Triggered Pop-Up Image". 
  • To disable the alert, click the same button again. 

Please note: for this to function, "Notify Surveillance Center" must be enabled on the camera if it is being used stand alone, or on the recorder the camera is being managed by.