When I check what is causing my audible warning it says there is a HDD error. Why?


To determine the cause of the HDD error, access the main menu and go to storage or HDD, and select 'Storage Devices.' This will show the status of the hard drives on the NVR. Depending on the status will determine the appropriate troubleshooting steps. Several common statuses that are seen are: 

'Abnormal' - with this status power off the NVR and reseat the cabling of the NVR. If the status remains then format the HDD if error does not clear the HDD will need to be replaced.

'Does Not Exist or there is a blank line with no HDD' - select the line where the HDD is and select the delete option and remove the HDD.

'No HDD is detected' - Power off the unit and confirm both the power and SATA cables are securely connected and if needed try another HDD bay on the NVR. If after the cabling is confirmed and the bay is changed the HDD is still not being recognized then replace the HDD