Why is the IP camera showing Network Abnormal on my NVR camera management screen?


The status or error when checking IP cameras on the nvr "Network Abnormal" is caused when the recorder is unable to connect to the device's IP address. The primary causes of this error are when the device has a different IP then the recorder is looking for and/or the devices IP address is correct but it is connected  This will be primarily caused when the device is added manually to the recorder. To fix the issue connect  a PC to the same network as the device with the incorrect error and run the SADP tool to determine the IP address of the device. Either modify the devices IP to match the recorder or modify the Ip on the recorder to match the device. For the second issue either connect the device to the appropriate network connection such as moving the ether net cable from the local network to a camera poe port or modify the device's IP to be on the same scheme as the recorder's.