Hikvision products that support exporting / downloading video must conform to Microsoft's Windows OS security parameters for being able to properly download / export video from the browser. In most cases, this entails the following pre-requisits to be able to download / export video:

  1. Make a folder on the Windows desktop.
  2. whewn launching the web browser, right-click on the icon for the browser and selet from the context menu "Run As Administrator". 
  3. Once the browser is running. log into the recorder via its IP address with the browser.
  4. Click on "Configuration->Local.
  5. In the main local screen at the towards the bottom. Change all the browsable locations to point to the folder on the desktop.
  6. Click "save at the bottom of the local page.
  7. You should now be able to go into playback and export / download video to the folder you created on the desktop. 

Steps 2 through 6 must be done every time you want to export / download video.