How do I enable ONVIF on a Hikvision camera?


Step 1: Log into the web interface of the camera

  • Type in the IP address of the camera into a web browser (like Chrome or Internet Explorer)

Step 2: Go to Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Integration Protocol

Step 3: Check on the 'Enable ONVIF' or 'Enable Open Network Video Interface' box

Step 4: Check on the 'Enable Hikvision CGI' box

Step 5: Set 'Hikvision CGI Authentication' to 'digest/basic'

Step 6: Click on the 'add' button and create a ONVIF profile

  • You can use whatever user name and password you want
  • For the level:
    • Media Users: have access to get the real-time streaming, get a list of device supported functions, and read configurations of device.
    • Operators: have access to all settings except:

      • Causing changes to the system configuration, such as setting network default gateway

      • Causing unrecoverable changes to the system, such as setting system factory default and upgrading system

      • Reading confidential system configuration information, such as getting system log

    • Administrators: have unrestricted access to all settings.

Step 7: Click on the 'Apply' button on the bottom of the screen once you are done.