Pendant caps and backboxes are the most integral accessories for Hikvision cameras. In some cases mounting a camera on a pendant cap or a backbox is not as straightforward as in others. The DS-2CD2365G1-I, DS-2CD2385G1-I and DS-2CD2346G1-I cameras along with the compatible PC140 pendant cap are a great example of this, and this technical bulletin will demonstrate the proper procedure of installing the aforementioned cameras on the pendant cap.

To mount the camera on the pendant cap, first remove the trim ring by twisting it off. Picture 1a and 1b show the camera with and without the trim ring:

After taking off the trim ring, locate the pressure clamp. Loosen it and pull it out to release the camera.

Picture 2 shows the the pressure clamp already loosened and pulled out:

After removing the camera from the base, four holes will become accessible on the base. These holes are the ones required to install the camera on the pendant cap. Picture 3 shows the four holes:

Locate and remove a rubber plug on the camera’s base. Removing this plug will expose the position indicator opening. Pictures 4a and 4b show the base with the rubber plug in place and the rubber plug removed:

The pendant cap has a position indicator molded onto the black rubber gasket. Picture 5 shows the position indicator on the pendant cap:

Place the camera base onto the pendant cap with the pendant cap’s position indicator aligning with the position opening of the base (Picture 6).

Placing the two parts in this manner will ensure the proper alignment of the base with the pendant cap.


Secure the base to the pendant cap with the four screws provided with the pendant cap (Picture 7)


After securing the base to the pendant cap, put the camera body back on the base and secure it with the pressure clamp, and put the trim ring back on. The final result should look like Picture 8: