How do I get my PTZ camera to perform a function on its own?


If you want to have the PTZ camera go to a specific location or begin a pattern/patrol you will need to enable the 'Park Action.' The Park Action will make the camera go to a preset, patter, or patrol after an allotted amount of time. To get to the Park Action access the camera via a web gui using a computer, then go to Configuration > PTZ > Park Action

Enable the park action to enable the fields for editing. 

Park Time indicates how long the camera will wait before it performs the action this is measured in seconds ex. if you want it to wait 2 minutes then you will need to enter 120. 

Action Type is what action will be performed typically you will see 'Preset' and 'Patrol

Action Type ID will be which action will be used based off the quantity 'Action Types' ex. There are 3 different patrols for a camera and you want the second one to run then you will set the Action Type ID to 2

After making the appropriate selections select 'Save'