1. In the 4200 SW, Click on Remote Playback, Click the Calendar on the top right (Select your Start/Stop Date/Times. Drag and drop Fish Eye Camera into Tile. (You may refer to step one attachment below.)

2.Right click anywhere in the Video Tile of your Warped Fisheye View  (You may refer to the step two attachment below.) 

3.Left Click the Fisheye Expansion Option.  (You may refer to the step three attachment below.) 

4.Click the Eyeball in the lower left corner to bring up the Tile Selection Window.  (You may refer to the step four attachment below.) 

5.Select the Tile set you desire.  (You may refer to the step five attachment below.) 

6.You can drag the images in the warped view to your desired location here.  (You may refer to the step six attachment below.)